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How to File a Fire Insurance Claim

Your insurance company will help you walk through the process, but get prepared with this guide!

If you are unlucky enough to have suffered from fire damage in your home, you will have to file a fire insurance claim through your insurance company.

Before doing so, you should refer to your home inventory list. This should have all of your personal belongings noted, along with photographic documentation and the value of each item. This document makes it easier to determine what coverage you should have in the first place, along with what items need to be replaced in the event of a disaster. Be sure to update this regularly when you sell or purchase major items!

After the disaster, you should aim to protect your property from further damage, but if your home is completely destroyed, you will want to board it up to prevent theft and looting.

The process of filing a fire insurance claim will be aided by your insurance agent. You will be asked to fill out forms, provide your home inventory along with receipts and bills, and your agent will assign an adjuster to your case. An estimate for the damages and repairs will have to be calculated, and the adjuster will need the estimate to determine what the policy will cover.

Most fire insurance claims are settled relatively quickly, but rebuilding and repairing can take time. Ensure that you receive quality home insurance so that you are not left financially spent and with no coverage for your property or possessions. Contact Michelle Lim Insurance Services Insurance in Alhambra, California for the home insurance coverage at the best rate.

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