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Tasty Recipes For Your Kid’s Lunch Box

Back To School Recipe Ideas

The new school year is almost here, which means early mornings and late nights doing homework. If your kids are not satisfied with typical PB&J sandwiches in their lunch, you may be scrambling to find healthy alternatives to fill up their lunch box. Keep these back to school recipes in mind that your kids are sure to love!

  • Ants on a log – cut pieces of celery into 4-inch “logs,” fill with peanut butter or cream cheese, and top with a couple raisins. The sweetness of the raisins mixed with the crunch of the celery is perfect for kids of any age.
  • Salad in a bag – packing a salad in a bag allows your children to get the greens they need, without having to worry about lugging Tupperware to and from school each day. Send a plastic fork and a small packet of salad dressing, and let your kids shake up their lunch.
  • Muffins – if you always seem to be rushing out the door in the morning, a healthy muffin can keep your kids satisfied all day long. Add grated carrots and nuts to standard muffin batter, and freeze the muffins for a fast and easy breakfast on the go.
  • Frozen fruit cup – create individual fruit and yogurt cups with your kid’s favorite flavors. Pop them in the freezer, and throw them in their lunch box in the morning, and they will be perfectly thawed come lunch time.
  • Veggie pinwheels – these pinwheels are easy to eat and are packed full of nutritious vegetables. Plus, they can be made the night before and then thrown into a lunch box in the morning.

All of us at Michelle Lim Insurance Services Insurance in Alhambra, California would like to encourage you to try these delicious recipes for your kid’s school lunch to make for a successful school year.

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