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7 Ways to Locate a Lost Life Insurance Policy

If a family member passes, there is no way to find out if they had a life insurance policy if you did not already know about it. If you do not know if your loved one had a policy, follow these tips to find a lost life insurance policy.

  1. Look for any insurance related documents. Most people keep important items is files, safes, or bank safe deposit boxes.
  2. Contact financial advisors. Any current or past attorneys, accountants, or business insurance agents may know about life insurance policies that were taken out.
  3. Contact previous employers. Employers would have documentation for any group policies that were taken out by employees.
  4. Check bank books. Look for any payments that were made to insurance companies.
  5. Check the mail for a year. Companies will send annual notices about the life insurance policy, even if the policy was paid up.
  6. Check with your state’s unclaimed property office. All death benefits which were not turned over to a beneficiary must be turned into the state, where it will be labeled as unclaimed property.
  7. Review tax returns. Check the deceased income tax returns for the past two years for any expenses that were paid to life insurance companies.

If you are looking for a life insurance policy to make sure your family is protected in the unfortunate case of your passing, contact Michelle Lim Insurance Services Insurance in Alhambra, California.

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