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Archives for June 2015

Summer Clean Your Car!

This time of year many of us embark on a series of summer cleaning projects around the home.  But winter can also be a little tough on your vehicle. Here are some summer cleaning car maintenance tips. Clean the undercarriage and engine area. Use a hose to spray under your wheels. Use a dry rag to […]

Protect Your Home From Pests This Summer

Most pest infestations happen in the summer, since bugs such as roaches and wasps are more active in the warm weather. Make sure to follow these pest control tips to help protect your home from a bothersome pest problem this summer. Keep it dry. Pests love damp areas, such as the kitchen, lawn, and attic. […]

7 Ways to Locate a Lost Life Insurance Policy

If a family member passes, there is no way to find out if they had a life insurance policy if you did not already know about it. If you do not know if your loved one had a policy, follow these tips to find a lost life insurance policy. Look for any insurance related documents. […]

Looking For Health Insurance as a Recent College Grad

College Grads and Health Insurance Graduation season is here! If you are getting ready to walk across the stage or have already gotten your diploma in the mail, it is time to start looking for the right job to start your career. Along with looking at the pay, it is important to consider the benefits […]

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