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4 Insurance Policies to Invest In

Extra Insurance Policies for Extra Protection

With all of the insurance policies that you have already invested in, it is easy to assume that you are covered in case of any unfortunate incident. However, there are many other, less common insurance policies that are available that will provide additional coverage for any peril that you may encounter. Consider investing in these insurance policies if you have not already.

  1. Disability insurance – if you are injured while at work, your employer’s workers compensation insurance policy will provide coverage. However, if you are injured outside of work and are not able to continue doing your job, you will be left without coverage. Investing in a disability insurance policy will provide the coverage that you need to replace your missing income while you are out of work.
  2. Personal liability insurance – a personal liability insurance policy, also known as a personal umbrella insurance policy, will provide coverage in case of any lawsuit that arises from an accident. These insurance policies are especially important for anyone who has a lot of assets, since they have more to lose during a lawsuit.
  3. Travel health insurance – if you are consistently packing up your bags for a vacation, travel health insurance will help to save you hundreds or thousands of dollars if your vacation is ruined when you fall ill. Many hospitals in other countries expect a cash payment for service, which can leave you stranded if you were planning on handing over your health insurance card. Travel insurance will help to ensure that you are able to head back home after falling ill.
  4. Long term care insurance – as you get older, there is more of a chance that you will need some type of assistance in your everyday life. A long term care insurance policy will cover the costs associated with any help that you need to ensure that you do not have to empty your savings account.

For all of your insurance needs and to ensure that you have enough coverage, contact the insurance professionals at Michelle Lim Insurance Services Insurance in Alhambra, California.

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