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How General Liability Insurance Can Help Your Small Business!

General Liability Insurance Basics

While you can take all the right steps to help protect your business from a liability lawsuit, there is no way to guarantee that it will not happen. Accidents are inevitable, which is why having the right business insurance policies are the best way to help keep you protected.

All businesses, no matter their size, are at risk of damaging someone’s property or causing an injury. Investing in the right general liability insurance policy will help to protect your business and assets in case of a lawsuit that stems from an accident. General liability insurance will even provide coverage for lawsuits that are brought up without any merit, which can be extremely helpful for small business owners.

General liability insurance will provide coverage in many different situations, including:

  • Bodily injury claims – if your business causes bodily harm to someone, the general liability insurance policy will provide coverage for the accident. Keep in mind that the policy will not provide protection for employees of your business, only a worker’s compensation policy will.
  • Property damage – any damages that your business causes to another person’s property will be covered with a general liability policy, as well as the cost of a lawsuit that is associated with the damages.
  • Completed products coverage – any products or services that you offer at your business that cause harm to someone will be covered with the policy.
  • Medical expenses – if anyone other than an employee is injured on your property, the medical expenses portion of the policy will cover any medical costs that are associated with the accident.

For all of your commercial insurance needs, contact the insurance professionals at Michelle Lim Insurance Services Insurance in Alhambra, California. As an independent insurance company, we will work with you to ensure that your business has the insurance protection that it deserves.

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