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Think Twice Before Storing Your Valuables In The Attic

Valuables Stored in the Attic

While your attic provides tons of extra storage space that you can use to de-clutter your house, you may want to think twice before putting any valuables up there. With more electrical wiring and phone cables in the attic than ever before, your valuables may be at risk if you store them in the attic.

One of the biggest threats to valuables that you keep in the attic is an animal. Many different types of animals like to make their homes in attics, such as squirrels and raccoons, which can mean destruction to any valuables that you are storing up there. These critters like to gnaw on wires, which could lead to sparks that start a house fire, or poorly maintained plumbing equipment where animals make their homes, which could lead to a flood.

Along with critters, valuables that are kept in the attic are very susceptible to harsh weather conditions. With poor insulation, attics can get extremely hot during the summer months and reach frigid temperatures during the winter. The extreme change in temperatures can cause faster deterioration with valuables, which can lead to a drop in value, or even complete destruction of the items.

Even with all the threats that surround valuables in the attic, three out of four homeowners say that their attic is used as a storage facility for family heirlooms. If you are keeping your valuables in your attic, and have the room in your house, bring the item down to keep it safe. You should also consider renting a storage unit that is specifically designed to hold valuables to keep all the items safe, without having to sacrifice the space in your house.

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