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Big Issues With Uber’s Insurance

Auto Insurance and Uber

Uber has completely transformed the way that people are getting around. With much lower prices than traditional taxis, and the ease of ordering and paying, more and more people are looking towards Uber to help them get around. However, not everyone is happy with the growing company. Taxi companies are using different regulatory maneuvers to try and slow down, and even stop Uber from growing even more.

One of the biggest issues that have come up with Uber is how much protection insurance policies will provide as an Uber driver. While Uber is telling its drivers that their existing auto insurance policy will provide enough coverage in case of an accident, it may not be. However, typical personal auto insurance policies will exclude any accidents that happen when you are using your car for commercial uses.

Uber drivers who are relying on their personal car insurance policies may be in for a big surprise if they are involved in an accident while on the job. Personal auto insurance companies can deny any claims that occur when a person is using their car for commercial purposes, which could mean they would be personally liable for the accident.

Uber will provide some coverage while drivers have passengers in their car, but the time that they are waiting to pick up a passenger is not covered under the company’s insurance policy. The time that is between fares is known as a trolling period, and the Uber policy will not provide any coverage for the driver. Uber claims that the driver’s personal auto insurance policy will provide coverage during the trolling period, since they are not technically working, but make sure to ask your insurance company if you will be covered before you pick up a side job as an Uber driver.

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