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Car Insurance Myths Dispelled

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Auto insurance is a complex commodity, as it’s required by law but misunderstood by many. We want you to be receiving optimal insurance coverage, which is why we feel that it’s necessary to dispel some very common misconceptions and myths surrounding auto insurance.

  • Despite popular belief, new cars aren’t always more expensive to insure. Many individuals assume that a new car will cost more to insure, however, if your new car has a higher safety rating than your previous car, you may experience a slight decrease in your auto insurance premium.
  • Many individuals assume that their credit score will have no effect on their auto insurance premium; however, insurance companies determine your commitment and responsibility level through your credit score.
  • When you purchased your first car, did your parents say no to the red model of your dreams because it would be more expensive to insure? This is a myth that seems impossible to bust amongst many but color doesn’t come into play when determining your auto insurance premium.
  • Despite common belief, newer cars are not more susceptible to theft. In contrast, older cars are typically easier for a thief to break into.
  • Whether you have a lapse in coverage due to a misunderstanding or an idle period of not driving, a lapse in coverage will reflect poorly on your behalf and elevate your auto insurance premium.
  • While you may be inclined to think that older individuals pay more for auto insurance, insurance companies view experience as a key factor in calculating insurance premiums. In contrast, inexperienced drivers will be faced with elevated auto insurance premiums.

Contact Michelle Lim Insurance Services Insurance in Alhambra for all of your California auto insurance needs. With years of experience in the field, we can help dispel any myths and provide you with honest auto insurance solutions.

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