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Dog Bite Liability Claims & Your Homeowners Insurance

If you are thinking about whether or not to invite a furry friend into your home, you have much more to think about than the smell, noise, and cost. Chances are your insurance company will penalize you if you get a dog. Sadly, the commonality of dog bite liability claims continues to be one of the most common household liability claims.

The unpredictable nature of our most beloved furry family members must be evaluated by insurance companies. No matter how well you train your pet, chances are that they would act out if they feel that they or their owner is being threatened. No matter how aggressive or submissive your dog’s breed is known for being, dog bite liability claims can occur with any breed. It is not necessarily the breed that determines how a dog will behave, rather, it is the situation.

While you may be forced to pay a higher premium amount for having a pet, you will likely still receive coverage. It is imperative that you inform your homeowners’ insurance carrier of your new family member so that you can receive sufficient coverage. Failing to inform your homeowners’ insurance carrier may result in drop of coverage.

With some basic behavioral practices, you can reduce your chances of experiencing a dog bite liability claims. Keep these helpful tips in mind:

  • Socializing your dog with other dogs and humans can significantly reduce your chances of a dog bite liability claim.
  • Stay up to date on all vaccinations, especially rabies.
  • Train your dog to remove themselves from heated situations by proactively listening to your commands.
  • Train your dog to share its food when it is a puppy. You can do this by being present and petting them while they eat.

Contact Michelle Lim Insurance Services for all of your California homeowners’ insurance needs. Located in Alhambra but serving all of California, we can help provide you with the confidence knowing you will not suffer financial ruin after a dog bite liability claim.

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