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We Support Operation School Bell!

Operation School Bell is an organization that believes that without fitting shoes and clothes, it is nearly impossible for a child to succeed in their educational endeavors. Each year, Operation School Bell provides around 5,000 children in need from the Los Angeles Unified School District with clothes that fit them properly.

At-risk children who do not have well-fitting clothes and shoes are less likely to feel confident walking around their peers at school. Therefore, children that feel confident walking around school are less likely to “play hooky,” furthering their education.

With the gift that Operation School Bell provides for thousands of children each year, the overall education of our society is improving. With your help, our city’s most vulnerable children have the chance to succeed in the world.

The smile on each child’s face when they receive their care package filled with clothes for the upcoming school year is priceless. This gift allows school attendance rates to improve, as education is being further promoted and the self-esteem of thousands of children is being enhanced. Do your part!

Michelle Lim Insurance Services Insurance supports Operation School Bell and encourages you to do your part! Contact Michelle Lim Insurance Services today for all of your Alhambra, California insurance needs.

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