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Do I Need Umbrella Insurance?

You’ve worked years on end to own the home of your dreams, drive to your dream career in the car you’ve always longed for, to save up for retirement in order to enjoy boating on the weekends. These items don’t only measure success, but they also provide your family with security. All that you’ve worked to achieve could be lost if you are faced with an expensive liability lawsuit.

An umbrella insurance policy will provide you with an extra layer of protection whenever you are in need. Accidents happen, and there is no way to predict when you will be faced with a trying lawsuit. For a relatively inexpensive cost, you can receive the peace of mind knowing all of your assets are adequately protected. Your umbrella policy will extend coverage above and beyond the limits of your existing insurance policies.

Before leaving you and your assets vulnerable to financial ruin, invest in an umbrella insurance policy. The extra layer of protection will close the gap in liability coverage and you can rest assured knowing everything you’ve worked so hard for is protected.

Michelle Lim Insurance Services Insurance can guide you through the process of selecting an umbrella policy to extend protection to all of your assets. Contact us today for all of your Alhambra, California umbrella insurance needs.

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