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5 Renters Insurance Myths

Renting a home comes with its own specific insurance needs. Just because you do not own your home, does not mean you should not protect it with the right renter’s insurance. Make sure you do not fall into a trap of believing one of these myths:

  1. Renter’s insurance is just as expensive as homeowners insurance. Renter’s insurance is much cheaper than homeowners insurance, since renters are just insuring the assets inside the building and not the whole building.
  2. If the landlord has insurance, you do not need a separate policy. Your belongings are not covered under your landlord’s policy.
  3. If your roommate has renter’s insurance, then you do not need it. Insurance will only pay out a certain amount when something is damaged, and chances are, your roommate will get reimbursed for their belongings that are ruined before even thinking about making sure your items are covered.
  4. None of your stuff is worth insuring. While you may not have expensive furniture, chances are you have a laptop and flat-screen TV that would be very expensive to replace on your own.
  5. A natural disaster will never happen in my area. While it is probably not likely that your possessions will be ruined by an erupting volcano, renter’s insurance also covers for other disasters, such as burglary or fire, which are much more common.

When it comes to finding a renter’s insurance policy that will best fit all your needs in the Alhambra, California area, contact Michelle Lim Insurance Services Insurance.

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