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The Most Common Claims Homeowners Make

Homeowners’ insurance policies are made to cover many kinds of incidents. Insurance companies have found, however, that the most common claims can be lumped into one of the following categories:


Most homeowners don’t consider their pets to be a liability, but they certainly are. Dog bites are a very common insurance claim. If you have a pet, it would be wise to check the specifics of your insurance coverage. Some companies do not cover certain dog breeds. 


Any accident that happens to anyone on your property is your responsibility. Whether they fell on a slick walkway during the winter or slipped on a spill in your kitchen–you are liable for those damages. 


During stormy weather, larger trees frequently lose branches and limbs. Those fallen limbs can cause damage to another person’s property or your own. If you live in a neighborhood with mature trees, beware of this risk. 


Most insurance companies include coverage for alcohol-related accidents in their policies. If you host an event where alcohol is served, you are liable for damages caused by intoxicated guests. 

Hired Help

Most people enjoy the option of having someone mow their lawn or clean their house on a weekly basis. Injuries or damages to these workers or their equipment are your property are your responsibility. Most of these workers are independent contractors and may carry their own insurance–its best to know ahead of time whether or not they do. 

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