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Do You Need Additional Insurance Coverage?

Think about all of the valuable items within your home–a beloved pet, an expensive computer, an heirloom and how much it would cost to repair or (in some cases) replace them. Repairing or replacing household items can add up and become very costly. Here are some insurance extras you may want to consider:

  • Electronics

While most insurance companies cover items like smart phones and tablet, most homeowners won’t meet their deductible when paying for these expenses. Opt into additional insurance through the company you bought them from or see if your insurance company offers a special coverage option with a lower deductible for items like these. 

  • Pets

Whether your pet has a long-term illness or you just worry about emergencies, pet insurance is a something most pet owners should look into. For a small monthly premium, pet owners will have peace of mind knowing that they will have a relatively low deductible in case of an emergency with an animal. They can also breathe easy knowing that most expenses will be reimbursed to a certain percentage. 

  • Items in Storage

Your homeowners’ insurance policy most likely covers items in a storage unit, but only a percentage of what they will cover for your entire home. You will want to check the amount that they cover. Some insurance agencies also require additional endorsements for high-priced items like valuable artwork. 

  • Bicycles

If you have a basic bike, chances are your insurance will cover it. If you are a cyclist with a more valuable bike, it may not be completely covered. You may want to look into getting an additional endorsement to cover it. 

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At Vantageplus Insurance in Alhambra, California we understand that as you encounter life changes, your insurance needs change. Contact us today for your auto insurance, homeowners’ insurance, or life insurance needs. 

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