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Beware of Social Media When Filing Insurance Claims!

No one likes having to file an insurance claim. Whether you’ve been in a car accident and need to contact your auto insurance company or you have to call up your homeowners insurance provider because your roof suddenly developed a leak during thunderstorm season, it can be frustrating. However, you’re going to be even angrier if your claim is denied because your car insurance company checks out your Facebook profile and realizes that you’re breaking the terms.

Now, it’s more likely that you’ll run into trouble when filing a claim about your car or house than with life insurance, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be on the lookout. Avoid posting anything that indicates you’re at fault or that an accident really wasn’t so accidental. If your roof sprung a leak only after you were playing around in the attic, which you know can’t support your weight, you might not want to tell the funny story about how you fell through the attic floor and brought the shingles down around you.

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