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Use Your Home’s Beauty to Deter Burglars

There seems to be unending speculation about how to keep your home safe from burglars. Much of the talk tends to convince homeowners to fortify their residence to the point that it looks like a fortress. While this type of exaggeration likely provides some sense of safety, remember that burglars usually don’t consider if a structure is built strong with unsightly bars on the windows, for example. Instead, a typical amateur burglar looks for the simplest and quickest way in. They determine this by scoping out the home and property beforehand.

Of course, their goal is not be seen or heard. This is where you can make them change their mind about trying to break into your home. The first step in the process is to make your home appealing to you, but too risky for any attempt to break in. Simple landscaping tips can accomplish this and make your home visually appealing as well.

Noisy ground cover below windows

Stepping on gravel or crushed seashells makes noise. Most intruders will run away for fear of being heard, then seen. Creating a wider than normal strip of gravel or crushed seashells under all of the ground level windows not only protects your home but also adds beauty.

Trim those bushes

Keeping your hedges trimmed to a level at least lower than your windows removes potential hiding places for intruders. Another addition would be to extend the strip as mentioned above around the perimeter of your home to provide additional protection.

Put thorns in the way

It’s doubtful an intruder would want to take any chances getting caught in a rose bush or another thorny variety of plant when they’re trying to get in and out of your house quickly. Planting these beautiful but treacherous bushes and plants under your windows would be a great deterrent.

For more information about protecting your home from burglars and keeping your homeowners insurance up-to-date in California, please contact Michelle Lim Insurance Services Insurance, located in Alhambra.

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