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Two Things Every Teen Driver Should Know How to Do

Today’s vehicles are so reliable we may forget that a car may become disabled on the road. Worse yet, we may not prepare our teen driver what to do in case of such occurrence.

Learning how to change a tire and using jumper cables properly are two things every driver should know how to safely do.

To jump a dead car battery, park the cars so the batteries are reachable by the jumper cable. Make sure both vehicles are in park, and both ignitions are off. Attach the red cable to the positive terminal of the disable car first, then attach the other red end to the positive battery of the car assisting. Then attach the black cable to the assisting car’s negative battery terminal, and then to a surface that is unpainted on the disabled car. Start the assisting car’s engine to generate more power and try again.

Most of today’s vehicles have temporary “donut” type tires. Instruction on where to place and use the jack should be included with your spare. If the vehicle is in a hazardous place, like the side of a busy roadway you may be better off calling for road service rather than changing tires yourself.

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