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Taking your Easter Eggs from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Easter Sunday is fast approaching and that means it’s time to pull out those Easter egg dying kits and let your creative juices run wild. If you’re still dipping and dying in solid colors, consider these tips and tricks to transform your eggs into miniature works of art.

Glue Stripes Galore

For a truly artistic look without all the work, drizzle undyed eggs with white school glue or rubber cement. Let your inner Picasso out and create haphazard swirls and overlapping stripes. Wait until the glue dries, then dip the egg in the color dye of your choice. When you remove the egg, gently peel off the dried glue to reveal white stripes galore.

Fabulous Fabric Looks

For a truly show stopping look, wrap white eggs in old lace, a handkerchief or any other fabric containing holes and a unique design. Twist the fabric to secure it and fasten the end using a rubber band. Dip the egg in a cup of dye to add color, then let it dry completely. When you remove the fabric, the design will leave a fabulous fabric look on the egg surface.

Michelle Lim Insurance Services Insurance wishes all of you a Happy Easter! 

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