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Archives for April 2014

Cutting-edge Automotive Tech to Reduce Accidents and Lower Insurance Premiums

Three advances in automotive technology are on the verge of creating cars that will literally drive themselves. Close the door and buckle up. Your car will take over from there. The autonomous car Mercedes-Benz, Acura, Renault, and Nissan, to name a few, are busy creating your car of the future. The autonomous car, which will […]

Two Things Every Teen Driver Should Know How to Do

Today’s vehicles are so reliable we may forget that a car may become disabled on the road. Worse yet, we may not prepare our teen driver what to do in case of such occurrence. Learning how to change a tire and using jumper cables properly are two things every driver should know how to safely […]

Taking your Easter Eggs from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Easter Sunday is fast approaching and that means it’s time to pull out those Easter egg dying kits and let your creative juices run wild. If you’re still dipping and dying in solid colors, consider these tips and tricks to transform your eggs into miniature works of art. Glue Stripes Galore For a truly artistic […]

Easter Sunday Fun in Alambra

Looking for something exciting to do this Easter in the Alhambra, CA area? Look no further. Check out these three amazing events that will keep your Easter full of fun. Spring Eggstravaganza The Spring Eggstravaganza in Alhambra takes place on April 19th, and it is located at Almansor Park. It is completely free and lasts […]

Homeowner Tips for Spring

Spring home maintenance is an important part of keeping your home in its best condition. There are things to do today that can make life easier for the summer. They can even save you money and time. Here are some spring home maintenance tips. Clean out your gutters. Over the course of the fall and […]

Take the Appropriate Precautions to Avoid Workers Compensation Fraud

Workers compensation insurance is a must for all business owners despite the nature of their operations. If employees get hurt on the job, companies can be held accountable monetarily. Businesses must also protect against fraudulent claims perpetrated by those trying to game the system. According to the California Department of Insurance, fraud occurs in simple […]

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