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What you need to know about insuring your in-home business

If you have recently begun a home-based business, you may not have thought about insurance. But now is the time, since your homeowners insurance probably does not cover enough to suit your needs.

The key is disclosure. If your insurance agent does not know that you have started running a home-based business with inventory and equipment kept in the house, they will be unlikely to approve replacement of such items. Business insurance protects you from several possible harms, from liability for people who are injured while at your home related to your business, and from damage to your property, equipment and goods in case of disaster. If you do not need much coverage, you may find that a rider on your homeowners insurance policy is adequate for your situation. If you carry a lot of inventory or expensive equipment in your home, or if you have other employees, consider specific in-home business insurance. This policy provides extensive coverage in the case of loss, injury or theft.

For more advice about insuring your home business or other concerns, contact Michelle Lim Insurance Services Insurance located in Alhambra, California.

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