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Are You Prepared For The March Deadline For Healthcare?

Making the right healthcare choice requires you to weigh the costs and benefits of each plan. Adults of all ages will compare public and private plan options over the next two months, but the end of March marks an important deadline. The enrollment for individual health insurance plans ends on the 31st.

It’s possible to switch up your insurance coverage until the deadlines arrive. Anyone who was previously covered by Medicare and Medicaid has a chance to change their exact plan arrangements, as long as they don’t drop their prescription coverage. Private insurance buyers also get to change their plan. Switching to a new provider could save you and your family a lot of money, so don’t just assume your employer is the best source for insurance now that you have so many new options.

Discuss your health insurance plan options with the experts at Michelle Lim Insurance Services Insurance before making your decision. They can help guide you through the shopping process before the March deadline arrives.

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