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Spring Forward! Daylight Savings Time is Almost Here

Daylight savings is just around the corner, making the days even longer. It brings more sunlight in the morning and evening, giving more time for everyone to do their chores and errands for the day. Clocks are moved ahead one hour, giving rise to the phrase "spring forward". It also serves as a reminder for which way to set the clock each time the time change occurs.

The subject of daylight savings is a mildly controversial one due to the disruption, albeit a minor one, it causes every spring and fall. But civilizations dating back to Roman times and older were known to adjust their time keeping in accordance with the season. The modern concept of the time change in the United States didn’t become fully formalized until WWII, then called "War Time". Daylight savings time was kept around after the war, but states and localities were free to decide to participate. This caused a lot of confusion for train, bus and broadcasting schedules because of the differences in time zones. 

The Uniform Time Act of 1966 ended the confusion by standardizing the time zones, but left states the option to exempt themselves from DST. To date, Arizona, Hawaii and most of Indiana does not participate in DST.

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